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Angkasa Pura 1

Performance Dashboard

Angkasa Pura 1 is a state-owned company that manages the development and maintenance of airports in the middle and eastern parts of Indonesia plus 2 big international airports in the western part of Indonesia.

1 one working concept for approval

4+ more then four pages to design


Angkasa Pura 1


Our friend at Angkasa Pura 1, wanted to have a performance dashboard that can be seen by everyone. It contains all the key performance index visualization that they will need to fulfill per year.

I develop many kinds of dashboard interface before, and the development process was very easy. It doesn’t involve many user inputs as the interface itself is based on the data that they have. To start the design development, I extract their corporate color scheme and add additional colors to make the design pop.

Reusing old assets is one of the reasons why I manage to finish this project very fast, combined with the understanding from the client that the design will evolve over time as the KPI will change based on their company targets.


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When did I do this?

Roughly development timeline together with the other project team members.

October 2018 Initial talk and brainstorming with the head of division.

October 2018 First kick off meeting with client.

December 2018 Presenting first proof of concept, it gets rejected. More brainstorming with client.

December 2018 Second kick off meeting with client.

December 2018 Presenting second proof of concept.

January 2019 Initial design development and system development

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