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Angkasa Pura Services

Airport Services Website

It was a proof of concept, sadly the website was never got launched. But I manage to develop the concept up to the implementation of a content management system with other project team members.

2 two working concepts for approval

8+ more than eight pages to design


Angkasa Pura Airport - Service Division


Angkasa Pura Airport Service Division wanted to make a website that has the most information about the company and the airports that they manage. Each airport also has a short explanation that contains several famous points of interest nearby the airport. Each of the Point of Interest also contains some interesting information about the place.


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When did I do this?

Roughly development timeline together with the other project team members.

Mei 2018 Kick-off meeting with the client.

Mei 2018 Initial design development and presentation.

June 2018 The client approved the idea and design, continue website pages conversion and integration to the Content Management System.

June 2018 Presenting the website prototype, but the client has second thought with design, they want a new one.

July 2018 Second design development and presentation.

August 2018 Due to a change in the client's company structure, the project was halted.

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