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Badan Standardisasi Nasional

BSN Website Redesign

Badan Standardisasi National or National Standardized Body of Indonesia is the International Organization of Standardization member body for Indonesia, their main task is to carry out governmental tasks in the field of standardization and conformity assessment in Indonesia.

1 one concepts with multiple layout

10+ more than ten pages to design

Final Design


Badan Standardisasi Nasional


The main functionality of the BSN website is to inform people about everything standardization in Indonesia, it acts as a news portal also. Based on that main functionality I suggest them with 3 different styles of portal design based on the micro functionality of each element of the website. At first, I wanted to highlight all of their main services, but in the end, they wanted to stick to the news portal format.

Proposed Design

When did I do this?

Roughly development timeline together with the other project team members.

November 2016 Kick-off meeting with the client.

December 2016 Initial design development and presentation.

January 2017 Client approved the idea and design, continue website pages conversion and integration to Content Management System.

March 2018 Presenting the website prototype to the stakeholder, the stakeholder gave several inputs that eventually forced me to re-layout the design.

July 2018 Final presentation to the stakeholder.

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