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Indosat Mega Media

Intranet Redesign

Indosat Mega Media (IndosatM2) is a telecommunications service provider in Indonesia. IndosatM2 has been operational since 2000 in building and applying IP based services and products, internet, and multimedia in Indonesia.

1 one working concept for approva;

7+ more than seven pages to design


Indosat Mega Media


IndosatM2 wanted to redesign their intranet system and make it more modern, they also wanted to add new functionalities to their intranet system. The stakeholder wanted the intranet to take the metro design system as the reference.

When did I do this?

Roughly development timeline together with the other project team members.

December 2016 Meeting the first time with Indosat Mega Media, listening to all their idea about future intranet development.

January 2017 Kick-off meeting and brainstorming about the idea, we suggested (now gone) initial design based on first meeting, but they specifically want the design with metro style.

January 2017 Presented wireframe and explain the business process that will change after the system finished.

March 2017 Approval of all the design mockups before continuing the design implementation process.

March 2017 Design implementation process.

August 2017 Creating user manual and design guide documentation.

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