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Point of Sales System

Loket is an online ticketing system company that wants to expand its business by making point of sales system. The system will need to accommodate the inventory system ranging from regular groceries, restaurant, all the way to offline ticketing sales of a music event.

1 one new concept for approval

8+ more then eight pages to design




Loket wanted to make their point of sales system, that easy to use and expandable. Our team first give the initial design but it was rejected because it doesn't look appealing. I came in the middle of the project to overhaul the design. What I worked with is a working prototype with little room for layout change, what I suggest is as simple as applying their corporate identity, and prioritize important information to appear more distinctive. I did use stock icons from icons8.com to make the development faster as the project needs a boost in development time.

When did I do this?

Roughly development timeline together with the other project team members.

February 2018 I was informed that I need to take over the design process of this project.

March 2018 Learning the business process and making some notes on important design elements that need to be prioritized in the design.

March 2018 The first redesign interface of the dashboard and was approved right away.

April 2018 Finalized the whole interface redesign and observing the design implementation process.

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