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Melon Indonesia

Tiket Apa Saja - Online Ticketing System

Tiket Apa Saja or Any Ticket is an online ticketing company that manages online ticket sales of music events such as concerts or music festivals. Based in Yogyakarta, it grows into a national size company.

2 two concept concepts for approval

50+ more than fifty pages to design

Final Design


Melon Indonesia


At first, I offer them 2 new designs based on their old and new logos, both designs have similar design concepts but in the end, it looks completely different because of the differences in color scheme and design implantation. The client likes the first design implementation but would like to incorporate the new logo and color scheme to the design.

As the design evolves, we finally come into the final look that was developed based on user information and my approach towards the user interface and user experience. In the end, it feels like we’re creating another new design.

Proposed Design

When did I do this?

Roughly development timeline together with the other project team members. I did this project remotely from Tel Aviv.

April 2019 Initial project pitching, creating concepts based on the client's brainstorming idea.

Mei 2019 Gathering information from the user, including marketing, CEO, and several other stakeholders.

June 2019 Implementation of user information and combining them into one of the concepts they choose.

July 2019 Design testing and design approval. Developing more pages based on user feedback.

August 2019 Observing and suggesting design to web pages implementation.

October 2019 Final revision from the stakeholder.

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