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Confidential Foreign Aid Program

PPATK: E-Learning for Bank Frontliner

I've been working with PPATK (Indonesian Financial Transaction Reports and Analysis Center) for several projects. But for this project, I team up with Foreign Aid Programs that don't want to be named.

2 two working concepts for approval

8+ more than eight pages to design

Final Design


Confidential Foreign Aid Programs


The PPATK wanted to make e-learning to educate the banking frontline about money laundering and financial crime and prevention. What I suggest is that the banking frontline is at young adult age, so I presented few designs that are more vibrant and yet it needs to have clear navigation and what to expect on such abundant content.

Proposed Design

When did I do this?

Roughly development timeline together with the other project team members.

July 2018 PPATK contact us about the possibilities of creating another e-learning website.

August 2018 Project briefing, technical specification and first time meeting with the foreign aid program.

August 2018 Presenting our idea and concept about the e-learning.

September 2018 Nothing happened, as we prepared our legal documents to enter the project.

October 2018 Our concept was accepted but with lots of input, and kick-off meeting started.

November 2018 Focus group discussion as we also involved and managed the creation of the e-learning content.

November 2018 We presented our updated concept and started the design development.

December 2018 E-learning system development and finalized the e-learning content.

January 2019 Soft launching and user acceptance test.

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